Why Moving Blocks Make Sense

PROTECTION- A unique "boxless" moving system for homes and offices in Vancouver's Lower Mainland (click here for the delivery zone map)
- Industrial-strength construction allows you to stack containers without the worry of collapse
- Leak-resistant lids protect your belongings from weather, dampness, and dirt
- Lockable, tamper-proof containers protect your belongings
- Learn more about the container construction here
COST SAVINGS- "Rentable" moving system is more affordable than buying traditional boxes, supplies, and dollies
- See product pricing here
QUICK START- Moving containers are delivered clean, empty, and ready to use
- No time wasted finding and purchasing boxes and supplies
- No time wasted building and taping boxes
EASY TO USE- Easy packing in consistent-sized containers
- Reduced lifting by packing a container at a time while on the custom-fitted dolly
- Easy lifting and moving of containers - no odd sizes or awkward shapes to worry about
- Ergonomic handles for a comfortable grip with heavy loads
- Easy and efficient stacking making the most efficient use of moving truck space
- Easy identification of containers with label inserts
- No clean-up necessary - no boxes to break down and recycle and no scrubbing of containers necessary
REDUCED WASTE- A reusable "boxless" moving system means no cardboard waste
- The environmentally-friendly way to move!

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Moving Blocks a reusable moving solution