Moving Checklist

The following is a sample moving checklist to use for your move.

One Month before your move

[ ] Obtain your new address _______________________________________
[ ] Arrange new telephone service at new residence # __________________
[ ] Arrange new cable TV service at new residence
[ ] Arrange new Internet access at new residence
[ ] Arrange new electric/gas service at new residence
[ ] Arrange new garbage disposal service at new residence
[ ] Pick up a Change-of-Address Form from the post office
[ ] Send friends your change of address
[ ] Send banks, investment and credit card companies your change of address
[ ] Send insurance companies your change of address
[ ] Send magazines and newspapaer subscriptions your change of address
[ ] Send doctors and dentists your change of address
[ ] If hiring professional movers, get quotes and reserve a moving company
[ ] If self-moving, reserve a moving vehicle and arrange your helpers
[ ] Reserve a storage facility if you determine that you need extra storage
[ ] If applicable, reserve elevators at current residence and new residence
[ ] Decide what you are moving and make a list of what you will be packing
to move, what items will be given away and what items will go to storage


Two weeks before you move

[ ] Purchase boxes or reserve Moving Blocks for a better way to move
[ ] Arrange to dispose of giveaway items
[ ] Arrange cleaners for the day after you move out
[ ] Complete address change for your driver’s license
[ ] Complete address change for your passport

One week before you move

[ ] Stop buying groceries and utilize your existing food supply
[ ] Pick up boxes or get your affordable Moving Blocks containers delivered
[ ] Start packing your belonging that you do not need before the move
[ ] Pack your vital documents in a safe place
[ ] Ensure you put your cleaning supplies aside
[ ] Dispose of flammable items such as lawn mower gas, propane, paint, etc.

The day before you move

[ ] Ensure you have keys and access codes to your new residence
[ ] Pack all remaining belongings
[ ] Ensure the moving company or your rental moving vehicle is ready
[ ] Defrost, clean and air out your refrigerator
[ ] Clean your oven, stove and BBQ
[ ] Throw away all perishable items
[ ] Get a simple breakfast ready for the next morning

On Moving Day

[ ] Strip the sheets off your bed and pack them
[ ] Get all your old keys together and put them in a safe spot
[ ] Pack all key items like telephones, tools, pen, paper, phonebook, paper
towels and a role of toilet paper in one container for easy access


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