We offer affordable rates for all our products , we also offer Bundle Deals to save you time and money. All Moving Blocks can be delivered and picked up at your convenience. Take a look at our Moving Blocks delivery zone map to see which zone you fall into.

We offer Moving Blocks at both weekly and 3-week term rentals (drop off 10 days before your move and pick up 10 days after your move). We also have additional Packing Materials to make sure your goods are protected and secure once packed.

Products Weekly Rental 3-Week Term
Moving Blocks Container (Large)$ 3$ 6
Moving Blocks Container (Small/Medium)$3$5
Wardrobe Container$ 8$ 15
Moving Blocks Dolly$ 5$ 10

Packing Materials

Packing Materials DescriptionCost
Packing Paper
50 sheets
25 inches x 30 inches
Excellent for wrapping your cups, glasses, and other breakables. $5/per roll
Bubble Wrap
12 inches (W) x 30 feet (L)
A package of 3/16" perforated bubble wrap, essential for wrapping breakables.$6/per roll

Check out our Bundle Deals for Your Next Move!

1 Bedroom Bundle
30 Moving Blocks of assorted sizes (with labels)
2 Wardrobe Containers
1 Moving Blocks dolly
2 Bedroom Bundle
45 Moving Blocks of assorted sizes (with labels)
3 Wardrobe Containers
2 Moving Blocks dollies
3 Bedroom Bundle
60 Moving Blocks of assorted sizes (with labels)
4 Wardrobe Containers
3 Moving Blocks dollies
4 Bedroom Bundle
75 Moving Blocks of assorted sizes (with labels)
5 Wardrobe Containers
4 Moving Blocks dollies

*All Moving Blocks products, bundles and delivery fees are subject to applicable taxes

Moving Blocks Delivery Zones

Van MB Delivery Map


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