Moving Blocks vs. Boxes & Bins

Features Compared Moving Blocks Containers Cardboard Boxes Generic Plastic Bins
Capacity 2.6 cube (large)
2.0 cube (regular)
2.0 cube 2.6 cube
Cost per unit From $3.00 per week (large)
From $2.50 per week (reg)
Purchase $4.50
each (average)
Purchase $22.00
each (average)
Delivery Yes – Delivery & Pickup No No
Assembly No – None needed Yes – Building and taping required No – None needed
Waterproof Yes No Somewhat – loose lids can leak
Crush-Proof &
Yes – Hard Plastic No – Weak Cardboard No – Thin lids cave in from weight on top
Handles for carrying Yes Uncommon Sometimes
Clean-Up Easy – nests & stacks away; we pick up Hassle – must break down and dispose Easy – but needs to be stored
Environmentally-Friendly Yes – 1 container saves 3 trees (on average) No -boxes take up 30% of land fills Yes – 1 container saves 3 trees (on average)
Security (Lockable?) Yes No No

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